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What makes a good sperm donor?

What Makes A Good Sperm Donor?

At Bellevue Sperm Bank we are actively looking for new men to join our donor program. But what would make someone a good sperm donor? Men Aged 18 To 39 Years Men entering our program are limited to 39 years of age because sperm quality can decrease with age. Donated samples from our sperm bank support individuals and couples seeking fertility treatments, so we want to be sure we are doing our best to provide treatment samples that will help support their medical needs. All Ethnicities Are In High Demand There is currently a shortage in the number of available … Read More

We asked our donors about the program.

We asked our donors about the program!

If you are thinking about becoming one of the donors in our program, you might feel a bit nervous about the process and have questions about what it is like being in the program. Here we’ll share what some of our donors had to say about their experiences and we’ll go over the application process and benefits. Here is what donors say: “Overall great experience. Friendly and helpful.” “Great way to earn extra income!” “The experience has been great and effortless. The staff is friendly and helpful, willing to answer any questions that I may have.” “I found this program … Read More

Bellevue Sperm Bank - Donor Application Explained

Bellevue Sperm Bank – Donor Application Explained

The need has never been greater for sperm donors. Luckily, finding out if you qualify to become a sperm donor is easy. The application process can be broken into 3 big steps- Semen Analysis, Medical History, and Medical Evaluation. Here we will break down the application process and what we are looking for in potential sperm donors. Semen Analysis The first step is to complete an online application and visit the lab in person for a semen analysis. The application will give us basic information about you and will be the start of your donor profile. Because we are looking … Read More

How hard is it to become a sperm donor?

How Hard Is It To Become A Sperm Donor?

Choosing to become a sperm donor is a worthwhile endeavor that provides a much-needed tissue donation that helps individuals and couples become parents. Not every applicant is accepted into the donor program for different reasons.   We are going to explore some of the screening and testing requirements during the application process and why you may be disqualified. If you are not accepted into the program, there is also a donor referral program. The referral program is a way to still earn extra income while supporting families who rely on sperm donors to start or expand their families. Medical Testing … Read More

Sperm Donation Facts vs Myths

Sperm Donation Facts vs Myths

We hear a lot of misconceptions about sperm donation and sperm donors. We are here to set the record straight and provide some clarification about common sperm donation myths. People with natural red hair cannot be sperm donors. Not True. This is one we hear often. And absolutely isn’t true. We fully accept red-headed sperm donors as long as they complete the application process. We do have families who look for donors who match their partner’s characteristics, which can include having red hair. Sperm Donors get paid. True. Sperm donors are compensated for every donation that is released for treatment … Read More

What does it take to become a sperm donor in Bellevue Washington?

What Does It Take To Be A Sperm Donor In Bellevue Washington?

With a national donor sperm shortage, Bellevue Sperm Bank is always accepting applications and looking for new donors to join the program. Sperm donors have a tremendous impact on the lives of those who depend on donor sperm for treatments to become parents. If you think you have what it takes to join the program and start helping families, you can apply now online. If you are unsure about what we are looking for in a donor, we put together a list of qualities and how to apply below. What Qualities Are We Looking For In A Donor? We are … Read More

What parents say about their sperm donors

What Parents Say About You

Donors at Bellevue Sperm Bank provide invaluable donations that help provide treatment options for individuals and couples waiting to become parents. Some people rely on sperm donations after being diagnosed with infertility. Male factor infertility can be caused by conditions present at birth, injury, or certain medications like chemotherapy. Couples and individuals who do not have a sperm source, such as lesbian and other LGBTQIA couples, or single moms by choice, also rely on sperm donations to become parents. There are various treatment types for people who need donor sperm, but they cannot proceed without finding a sperm donor. Make … Read More

What happens to samples at Bellevue Sperm Bank?

What Happens to Donations at Bellevue Sperm Bank?

The donors at Bellevue Sperm Bank commit to weekly visits for at least 6 months and give intended parents a chance to start and expand their families. Donations are collected, washed, processed, frozen, and shipped around the world. But how does this all happen? We are going to take a look at how donations get from donor to intended parent at Bellevue Sperm Bank. Donor Collection Donors visit in person up to 3 times per week to give donations at the Bellevue Lab. Donors are compensated $100 per donation, and samples are then analyzed by the Bellevue Lab Team.  In … Read More

Being A Sperm Donor In Bellevue, Washington – Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a sperm donor can be a rewarding experience. Donations help a lot of people who rely on sperm donations to become parents. Also, sperm donors are compensated for each donation, making it a great way to help people while earning extra income. Before getting started, you may have a lot of questions about the application process, such as what it is like being a sperm donor and if you qualify. You are not alone! Here we are going to go over some of the commonly asked questions we get about becoming a donor in our program. Are sperm donors … Read More

How to Increase and Maintain Sperm Quality

How to Increase and Maintain Sperm Quality

For donors currently enrolled in the donor program at Bellevue Sperm Bank, it is important to keep sperm quality high. This is the best way to ensure all donations will positively impact future treatments and the only way to get the highest compensation for each donation collected. But even for potential donors who are looking to start the application process to enter the sperm donation program, it is important to demonstrate the best sperm quality possible during the initial semen analyses. Improve And Maintain Healthy Sperm Quality Eating Healthy Foods Eating right and maintaining overall health will help your body … Read More

How Body Systems Work Together for Sperm Production

How Body Systems Work Together for Sperm Production

Bellevue Sperm Bank collects sperm donations to support individuals seeking to become parents but lacking a sperm source. Donors in the program provide a sperm source for treatment through weekly donations. Different lifestyle choices can impact sperm production, from ingesting nicotine products to a lack of sleep. It takes overall wellness and the body working together to create a healthy reproductive system and high-quality sperm samples. Here we break down the roles of body systems from the brain to reproductive organs and their role in a functioning reproductive system. Reproductive Organs Starting with the heart of the matter, the reproductive … Read More

Men’s Health Tips For Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Tips For Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s health month and we wanted to share some reproductive health tips for our donors, and anyone interested in becoming a donor. Sperm health relies on a lot of different organs and systems functioning properly. Keeping your body healthy is crucial to reproductive health and sperm production. But why is Men’s health important, and why is there a men’s health month? We care about each of our donors and want to make sure each person is comfortable and informed about their health. Additionally, on average men are less likely to visit a healthcare professional routinely when compared to … Read More