Fertility Preservation At Bellevue Sperm Bank

Fertility Preservation At Bellevue Sperm Bank

Bellevue Sperm Bank offers personal storage services for those looking to preserve their fertility for future use. There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to store their sperm, ranging from medical concerns to personal circumstances.

What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility preservation involves the storage of reproductive cells and material, such as sperm, for use in future fertility treatments. This ensures that individuals have the option to pursue biological parenthood at a later date, even if their current situation poses challenges to their fertility.

Why Preserve Fertility?

Preserving your fertility allows you to delay and extend the time to become a parent or allow for a partner to continue treatments in your absence. There are several compelling reasons for fertility preservation:

  • Medical Treatments or Conditions: Individuals facing treatments that could affect fertility, such as chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, or surgery on reproductive structures, often opt for preservation. This proactive measure safeguards their ability to have children in the future.
  • Military Deployment: Some individuals choose to preserve sperm so their partners can continue fertility treatments while they are away on military deployment. This ensures that family planning can proceed despite physical separation.

How Does Fertility Preservation Work for Men?

The process for personal sperm storage is straightforward and mirrors that of sperm donation. Here is a brief overview:

  1. Initial Semen Analysis: The process begins with examining sperm health and viability.
  2. Sample Collection for Storage: Multiple samples are collected every 1 to 2 days to ensure an adequate supply for future use.
  3. Blood Draw: A blood sample is taken within 7 days of the first and last collection to screen for infectious diseases.
  4. Optional Genetic Carrier Screening: Genetic carrier screening can also be performed at this time to better understand what conditions you carry and what would potentially be passed on through your DNA. This can also be done at a later time if desired.

All samples are securely stored at our main facility, Seattle Sperm Bank, ensuring they remain viable for future fertility treatments. Should the need arise, these samples can be shipped out at any time for use.

By offering personal storage options, Bellevue Sperm Bank provides a critical service to those looking to safeguard their reproductive future amidst life’s uncertainties.

If you have questions about personal storage options at Bellevue Sperm Bank, you can call us at 206-588-1484 or email at [email protected].