Improving Sperm Quality for Sperm Donors

Improving Sperm Quality for Sperm Donors

At Bellevue Sperm Bank, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality donor samples, thanks to the exceptional individuals who participate in our donor program. A few lifestyle changes can go a long way in improving reproductive health and making a big difference as a tissue donor.

Nutrition for Reproductive Health

The foundation of quality donations lies in what donors put into their bodies. Opting for fresh, nutrient-rich foods that include folate, vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D can significantly enhance overall sperm quality. For those struggling to meet dietary requirements, a nutritional supplement can be a valuable addition.

    Embracing Physical Activity

    Reproductive health is connected to overall physical health. Daily habits like morning or evening walks, yoga, meditation, choosing stairs over elevators, or exploring new activities like hiking and kayaking contribute to overall well-being.

    Strategic Recovery and Hydration

    For donors in the program at Bellevue Sperm Bank, recovery is a crucial component that involves a 48-hour abstinence period between donations. This ensures an increased number of viable sperm cells for each donation, optimizing each donation for future treatment. Sleep and proper hydration also aid in improving reproductive health.

    Avoiding Adverse Activities

    Conscious choices extend to avoiding activities detrimental to reproductive health. Nicotine products should be strictly avoided, due to the negative impact they can have on sperm health. While research on cannabis use and sperm quality is ongoing, moderation is advised, mirroring the approach recommended for alcohol consumption. Not-so-obvious activities to avoid are hot tubs and some medications or supplements. You should consult with your health team about any medications or supplements that you may be taking and how they can impact your reproductive health. You can also share any concerns with our Donor Coordinator.

    It’s important to note that lifestyle changes aimed at improving sperm quality require patience, as the formation of new sperm cells takes approximately three months from start to finish.

    Joining the Donor Program at Bellevue Sperm Bank

    Being a sperm donor is a worthwhile endeavor, especially as the demand for sperm donors reaches an all-time high. Benefits for our donors include compensation of $100 per donation (up to three times per week), comprehensive personal health testing with routine STI testing, physicals, and genetic carrier screening. Most importantly, donors have the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone in waiting to become a parent.

    If you believe you have what it takes to become a sperm donor, get started with our online application. For any questions, feel free to reach out to our Donor Coordinator at 206-588-1484 or email [email protected].