Bellevue Sperm Bank - Donor Application Explained

Bellevue Sperm Bank – Donor Application Explained

The need has never been greater for sperm donors. Luckily, finding out if you qualify to become a sperm donor is easy. The application process can be broken into 3 big steps- Semen Analysis, Medical History, and Medical Evaluation.

Here we will break down the application process and what we are looking for in potential sperm donors.

Semen Analysis

The first step is to complete an online application and visit the lab in person for a semen analysis. The application will give us basic information about you and will be the start of your donor profile. Because we are looking for a diverse group of applicants, there isn’t much at this point that would disqualify you unless you were adopted and do not have access to your biological family medical records.

During the semen analysis, we will look at the number of sperm in the sample, how they move, and their shape. The only way for us to find out of you are able to be a donor in our program is to complete your semen analysis.

There are a few things you can do to improve your quality and prepare for your visit. It takes about a week to get your results back, and if your semen analysis meets our program standards, you will move on to the next step in the process.

Medical History

We will send you paperwork to complete and then review it with us in person to better understand your medical history. This will include your family medical history as well, including grandparents and parents,  siblings, and children, if applicable. We’ll ask questions about their health and any serious medical conditions that anyone in your family has or may have had in the past.

This information along with medical testing results will be used to look at what potential conditions would be passed on to future offspring and if you make a good candidate for the program.

Medical Evaluation

The last steps in the application process are testing for infectious disease and a physical with our physician. We’ll check you for infectious diseases that can be transmitted through semen. In some cases of positive results, you may have to be deferred until you no longer have an active infection.  On the day of your physical, you will start being compensated for your donations.  

Our team is here during the application process to answer any questions that come up and make sure you are informed about becoming a sperm donor. We know it isn’t right for everyone, but it makes a big difference in someone’s life if you are willing to donate.

Reach out to our Donor Coordinator if you have any questions at 206-588-1484 or email [email protected].