How to Increase and Maintain Sperm Quality

How to Increase and Maintain Sperm Quality

For donors currently enrolled in the donor program at Bellevue Sperm Bank, it is important to keep sperm quality high. This is the best way to ensure all donations will positively impact future treatments and the only way to get the highest compensation for each donation collected.

But even for potential donors who are looking to start the application process to enter the sperm donation program, it is important to demonstrate the best sperm quality possible during the initial semen analyses.

Improve And Maintain Healthy Sperm Quality

Eating Healthy Foods

Eating right and maintaining overall health will help your body function properly, including your reproductive system. Maintaining a healthy diet includes getting key nutrients such as folate, vitamin E, D, and C, zinc, and L-arginine.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily will ensure you are getting an adequate portion of vitamins and minerals needed. Taking a daily supplement can also provide added benefits. Not all supplements are beneficial for reproductive health, so be sure to consult with our Donor Coordinator if you have any questions about medications or supplements that you are taking.

Exercising Daily

Exercising will help maintain overall health and maintain a well-functioning body and reproductive system.

Getting regular exercise throughout the week is crucial to creating good habits. Getting up and moving throughout the day will go long way and will add up by the end of the week. Try activities that you enjoy doing. Here are some great places to try in the Bellevue area:

  • Yoga at home or in a studio like TruFision Bellevue or PIVOT Movement Studio.
  • Walking or jogging through some of the Bellevue parks and gardens, such as the Bellevue Botanical Garden.
  • Swimming at the Bellevue Aquatic Center or Chism Beach Park.
  • Hiking at Coal Creek, Weowna Park, or Richard’s Valley Loop Trail.
  • Playing sports with an adult sports league with the City of Bellevue adult leagues.

Getting Rest And Staying Hydrated

Studies have shown that when you do not get enough rest, it can lead to poor semen quality. Getting better sleep starts with a routine. Try to go to bed around the same time every night and get out of bed around the same time every morning. Reduce caffeine late in the day, which can disrupt you trying to sleep. Daily exercise can also help with going to and staying asleep throughout the night. Healthline has some great tips on improving your sleep quality.

It is no surprise that getting enough water is good for your body overall.  But dehydration can lead to dehydrated semen, which is not a good environment for sperm to swim well in. Getting enough water throughout each day will help maintain proper hydration levels in your body. Try replacing other drinks with water. Especially in the summer months!

No Nicotine Products And Reducing Alcohol Intake

Nicotine reduces the amount of sperm cells that are produced, alters the shape of sperm, and causes breaks in the DNA strands. These factors contribute to reducing sperm quality and making the semen samples ineligible for donation. It takes about 3 months to create brand new sperm, meaning it will take 3 months after removing nicotine products from your diet to start to see an improvement in quality.

Alcohol has similar detrimental effects on sperm cells but in higher quantities. Heavy alcohol use can increase estrogen levels, resulting in lower sperm production. These effects are seen when there is binge drinking and heavy drinking, so occasional and social drinking should not cause decreases in sperm quality.  

Avoid Exposure To Heat

Heat to the testicles negatively impacts sperm cells. Be sure to keep laptops off your lap and stay away from hot tubs. Hot showers are ok because there is adequate airflow that prevents too much body heat in the testicles.

A fever can have the same impact, but semen quality should improve in about 3 months after the higher body temperatures have subsided.

There are plenty of factors that can influence reproductive health and sperm quality. If you have any questions about your specific lifestyle reach out to our Donor Coordinator for more support.

If you are interested in joining the donor program, you can get started by applying online. The first visit will be a semen analysis where you can find out if your semen quality is high enough to provide a treatment option! Or reach out to us for more information at 206-588-1484 or [email protected].