What Happens During My First Visit as a Potential Sperm Donor?

What Happens During My First Visit as a Potential Sperm Donor?

After completing an online application to join the donor program and Bellevue Sperm Bank, we will ask you to visit the lab for an in-person semen collection and analysis.  

It can feel a bit uneasy and awkward visiting a sperm bank for the first time as a new donor, especially to give a semen sample. We’re breaking down what happens during this first visit and what you can do to prepare to help put your mind at ease.

The Lab

The Bellevue Sperm Bank facility is a medical office. This means it is professional, clean, and private. Collection rooms are equipped with a sink, chair, TV, and Roku with access to adult entertainment.  All our staff are here to help answer any questions and will always keep things confidential. Samples are all processed on-site by our lab team.

Planning your visit

We are located across the street from Overlake Medical Center near downtown Bellevue, in the Loben Building on the second floor.

Allow 20-30 mins for this visit to give yourself plenty of time and help reduce anxiety during collection. The sample collected will be used only for analysis and then discarded.

We will be doing a semen analysis to get an accurate picture of your semen quality. For us to get the best assessment you need to abstain from ejaculation for 48 hours before your visit. Here are other tips that can help give the best quality sample:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of rest before your visit
  • Stay away from hot tubs

Let the Donor Coordinator know if you have any questions about medications or supplements that could have an impact on semen quality. You can read more about what we’re looking for during the semen analysis and what makes a sample high quality.

During your visit

Don’t forget your Government-issued ID for us to verify who you are.

Our staff will get you checked in and then will show you to a collection room. We provide access to adult entertainment and a sperm-safe lubricant; however, you are welcome to bring other pornographic materials to help aid in collection as well. Bringing headphones can also be helpful. Collections must be done alone, and your complete semen sample will need to be collected in a sterile cup that is provided to you.

That’s it. We’ll complete the analysis, discard your sample, and get back to you within a week with the results.

Semen samples can vary between days, regardless of quality, you will likely be asked to submit a second sample. Just like the first sample, this one will also be analyzed and discarded.

After your visit

Having a semen sample that qualifies to be in the program is the hardest part. Once you get past this, you will have infectious disease testing, a complete physical, family history interview, and genetic testing. Our team will be here to guide you through the next steps and answer any questions you may have about what it means to be a sperm donor in our program.

If you are uncomfortable proceeding, you may choose to leave the application process at any time.

Being in the program

Active donors in the program make their own donation schedule, including taking time off to enjoy holidays and vacations. There is a second lab in Seattle that you are welcome to donate to as well if that meets your scheduling needs. Donors also have access to routine STI testing and physicals. As well as compensation for each donation that is accepted.

After spending at least six months (most donors spend 12 or more months) actively donating, you are welcome to retire from the program. Once retired we will ask you to inform us about any major changes in your medical or health history.

If you have any questions about your first visit or what it takes to join the sperm donor program at Bellevue Sperm Bank, you are welcome to call our Donor Coordinators at (206)588-1484 or email [email protected].