What makes a good sperm donor?

What Makes A Good Sperm Donor?

At Bellevue Sperm Bank we are actively looking for new men to join our donor program. But what would make someone a good sperm donor?

Men Aged 18 To 39 Years

Men entering our program are limited to 39 years of age because sperm quality can decrease with age. Donated samples from our sperm bank support individuals and couples seeking fertility treatments, so we want to be sure we are doing our best to provide treatment samples that will help support their medical needs.

All Ethnicities Are In High Demand

There is currently a shortage in the number of available sperm donors. The demand for treatment options comes from families of all different backgrounds. Both individuals and couples seek specific characteristics in donors for various reasons, from matching features to the partner who is not contributing genetically, to wanting their offspring to have features that match themselves and family.

Willing To Commit For At Least 6 Months

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Donors can either visit with us without appointments during lab open hours. But we do ask that there is a commitment of at least 6 months. This is due to an FDA requirement that all donated sperm samples are held in quarantine for 6 months and released for treatment use after infectious disease testing. Additionally, we will ask that you try to visit at least once per week. This will help us create enough samples for someone to use for treatment. Keep in mind that it often takes 3 or more samples before someone has a successful pregnancy.

Adopted Individuals Must Have Access To Their Biological Family Health History

When entering the donor program, we will go over your personal medical history. Examples of things we’ll ask about are the history of surgeries and illnesses or any conditions you may have. We will also look at your family medical history, your grandparents, parents, siblings, and any children you might have. Our goal is to look for any medical conditions that are likely inherited and could be passed down genetically through donations. If you are an individual who has been adopted, you will need to have access to your genetic medical records for us to review for any increased risk for any potential donor-conceived offspring.

We Don’t Have Height Or Weight Requirements

We ask these questions to get a general idea about your overall health. Overall health goes a long way to indicate reproductive health and high-quality semen samples. Additionally, we use this information for intended parents to get a better idea about what you look like physically. We do not share any adult photos of our donors at this time, so it is important that we let them know the objective descriptions of what you look like.

If you think you have what it takes to be a donor in our program, we encourage you to apply online today. We are available for any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us at (206)588-1484 or [email protected].