Sperm Donation Facts vs Myths

Sperm Donation Facts vs Myths

We hear a lot of misconceptions about sperm donation and sperm donors. We are here to set the record straight and provide some clarification about common sperm donation myths.

People with natural red hair cannot be sperm donors.

Not True.

This is one we hear often. And absolutely isn’t true. We fully accept red-headed sperm donors as long as they complete the application process. We do have families who look for donors who match their partner’s characteristics, which can include having red hair.

Sperm Donors get paid.


Sperm donors are compensated for every donation that is released for treatment use. This means you provide a sample that has good sperm counts and you test negative for FDA-required infectious disease testing; making the donation eligible to be used.

You will not be accepted into a sperm donor program if you are not at least 6” tall.

Not True.

Donors in our program are of all shapes, sizes, and heights. We regularly accept men who are under 6”. Many people experiencing infertility or two-mom families who need sperm donors are looking for a donor who look like them. Therefore, it is important that we have donors who represent lots of characteristics.

Certain ethnicities get paid more for being donors.

Not True.

All our donors are compensated equally and per donation. The more you donate the more you are compensated.

There are no limits to how many families use you as a donor.

Not true.

We have limits on the number of families who are created using each donor and monitor it through pregnancy and birth reporting.

Donors are welcome to ask if their donations have resulted in successful pregnancies.

Our Donor Coordinators are here to help answer questions about becoming a sperm donor. You can email us at info@bellevuespermbank.com or give us a call at 206-588-1484.