Beginning in early April 2021, Bellevue Sperm Bank (BSB) will begin accepting new donors into its program. BSB is currently looking for healthy men between the ages of 18 and 39 to serve as open identity sperm donors. Visit our application page to learn more about the process.

BSB is associated with Seattle Sperm Bank, one of the leading fertility clinics in the U.S., which also operates clinics in Phoenix and San Diego. We are dedicated to making the sperm donation process simple, safe, and convenient. This new Bellevue, WA, location will allow us to better serve our clients looking to start or add to their families by meeting the growing demand for donor sperm.

Benefits of Becoming a Sperm Donor

There are many benefits to joining our donor program. First, once you’re accepted as a donor, you can begin offering samples up to three times per week at $70 per donation. That adds up to about $10,000 per year in extra income. And with donor sperm currently in high demand, donors are needed more than ever. You can earn even more when you refer other men to us. You will get $200 if that person makes it into the donor program, and another $300 once his donations are released for distribution, with no limit on the number of referrals you can offer.

The second benefit to becoming a donor is free health care. As part of the process, all potential donors get a free physical exam to ensure they are healthy enough to donate. If you are chosen to be a donor with BSB, you’ll then get free exams every six months as long as you remain in the program. You even get a free annual physical exam after you leave our program. In addition, you’ll be given complete access to the results of comprehensive genetic testing we conduct on all applicants. These genetic tests protect our clients using donor sperm to conceive while also offering you valuable information about your overall health. It may even alert you to health conditions you didn’t know you had.

Finally, there are also positive emotional benefits to serving as a donor. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others conceive a child and achieving their dream of starting a family.

Learn More About Becoming a Sperm Donor

If you’re interested in becoming a sperm donor at BSB, or one of our affiliate locations, please start by applying online. You can also contact us at or (206) 588-1484 to talk with one of our experts about the benefits of being a donor. Being a sperm donor is a deeply personal decision and our professional staff is dedicated to making our donors feel comfortable and valued.

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